Can e-contracts be converted to paper documents?

August 16,2021

After signing an electronic contract, although the contract has been stored on the system, but many businesses will still have the need to convert to paper contracts. Therefore, the question: Can an electronic contract be converted to a paper document is a question that many people are interested in, so what are the legal provisions on this issue? How to convert? Let’s find out below.

Why convert electronic contracts into paper documents?

Converting an electronic contract into a paper document is understood as the conversion of an electronic contract file into a paper copy. Currently, electronic contracts have the same legal value as paper contracts, recognized and protected by law. However, in the course of operation, production and business, enterprises may arise the need to convert electronic files into paper contracts.

Some cases where businesses have a need to convert can be mentioned as when they need paper documents to transact with the bank (according to the bank’s regulations) or at the request of customers/partners. So now, what is the law when converting electronic contract files to paper documents and how to convert?

Can e-contracts be converted to paper documents? How to convert?

Pursuant to Clause 8, Article 3 of Decree 30/2020/ND-CP dated March 5, 2020 on clerical work, it is explained that the word “original document” is the complete version in terms of content and format of the document. , directly signed by an authorized person on a paper document or digitally signed on an electronic document. Thus, with the e-contract, when signed by the parties, the original document has been formed, also known as the “original contract”.

Also in Decree 30/2020/ND-CP, in Clause 9, Article 3, the word “original document” is explained as a complete version of the content and format of the document, created from a signed copy. directly by the authorized person. For example, when the Director signs a contract, then takes the signed contract to photocopy and stamp it, then:

– The signed copy, when it is copied, stamped and released, is called the original document.

– The copy with the direct signature of the Director is “Original document”.

Pursuant to Clause 5, Article 18 of Decree 30/2020/ND-CP stipulating that when “Issuing a paper document from a digitally signed document of an authorized person: The letter of the agency that prints the digitally signed document of competent person to issue a paper and seal the agency or organization’s seal to create the original of the paper document and issue the document”.

Thus, according to the provisions of law, enterprises can completely convert electronic contracts into paper contracts. The legal value of the two forms of contract is exactly the same.

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